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Charlie and Lola Sonner are based on the book series created by children's author & illustrator Lauren Child. The animated children's TV series is a hand drawn, 2D creation first debuting on the BBC's CBeebies in 2005 produced by Tiger Aspect. The show is targeted toward preschoolers and has a unique collage, cut-out style of animation remaining true to the book graphics.

It all started with Child's first book, "I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato", in 2001 which won the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal. The catchy theme song music is composed by Tom Dyson and Søren Munk.

Charlie love rockets, football, race cars, and his best friend Marvin "Marv" Lowe who lives beneath him. Lola is very imaginative, loves pink tiger milk, chimps, her best friend Lotta, and her imaginary friend Soren Lorensen. Sometimes Lola is afraid or unsure of herself - that's where her big brother steps in and explains in a patient manner be it the concept of sharing or even snow itself. It's a big task, but Charlie is up to the job.

Trivia: Charlie and Lola are 10 and 5 on TV, yet are 7 and 4 years of age in the book series. The character of Lola is based on an inquisitive little girl the author encountered on a train in Denmark. Feel free to look around a bit.

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